People Marry the Most Unusual THINGS!

Marriage is a fine tradition and institution of the civilised world. However not everyone sees it quite so conventionally. You see, it isn’t always about a union between two people. In a few unusual instances it appears love has struck where you’d least expect…
Erika La Tour Eiffel

As you can probably tell from the name, Erika wed the Eiffel Tower. I’m not entirely sure what it is about the tower she finds so appealing, but it was enough to do the whole loving and honouring thing. The ceremony itself was small (is that ironic considering the size of the landmark?) attended by a few friends.
The Parisian icon wasn’t Erika’s first love either. Experiencing a condition called objectum sexuality (which is a love of inanimate things), Erika is fond of the Berlin Wall, was previously in love with an archery bow she called Lance and has a relationship with a stretch of fence she keeps in her home.
Amy Wolfe Loves 1001 Nachts

Amy Wolfe loves amusement park rides, especially 1001 Nachts, which is a giant sort of magic carpet affair. She loved the ride so much in fact she married it. While jokes about the ups and downs of wedded life are impossibly hard to avoid, this attraction seems to be the real deal. Unfortunately the ride, or should I say husband, is 80 miles from Amy’s home meaning that she’s working the whole long distance thing, but by all accounts it seems to be going quite well. The staff at the park know her and are more than happy to let her visit and Amy ‘enjoys’ the ride about 300 times a year.
Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer

The final objectum-sexuality entry on this list is Eija-Riitta who married the Berlin Wall. Tragically for Eija-Riitta, but good for all of Germany and Europe, the wall was destroyed in 1989, effectively ending ten years of marriage. She has though stuck with him, despite stating she’s quite fond of The Great Wall of China.
Sal9000 & His Imaginary Nintendo Girlfriend

As you’ve probably realised from the name, Sal9000 is a bit of a geek. Which, of course, there is nothing wrong with. Geeks are chic. However Sal did go a little further than most by wedding a fictional girlfriend he’d created on his Nintendo DS. The girl, Nene Anegasaki, was created in the game Love Plus, which is a sort of dating simulator. The marriage ceremony took place at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and was broadcast live on the net.
Liu Ye and…himself

In some ways this might be the most unusual of our selection. Liu Ye married himself. It seems to me that this sort of love activity might create a world ending paradox; however it seems we all survived. Referring to himself as a ‘bit of a narcissist’ Liu Ye used a foam cut-out of himself wearing a bridal dress in the ceremony and stated the act represented his dissatisfaction with reality. I’m not sure that was all it represented…

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