4 & 6 Page Essay: Reach the Balance of Form and Contents

Essay writing is inevitable when you involve in academic activities. You may get various requirements to your essay assignments, but one of the most interesting task to complete is writing a 6 page essay.

Once you need to write a 6 page essay, you get the opportunity to reach a perfect balance of form and contents. In a 6 page essay you get the chance to express big meaning and not restrict yourself with too small volume. A 6 page essay is enough to develop quite a complex issue and therefore provides great creative perspectives

6 Page Essay: Choosing the Topic

Getting down to your 6 page essay, think thoroughly over the topic to choose for it. A 6 page essay is certainly not a dissertation, but nor is it a tiny piece of writing. Therefore, you are free to choose a complex issue that requires a detailed discussion of its multiple aspects in a 6 page essay.

For example, if the main area of your interest is situated around international relations, you can involve into comparison and contrast of communication styles between different nations. As details to discuss you can use various aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication, negotiation style, business etiquette etc. Additionally, you can spend a separate section of your 6 page essay on providing advice on how to promote cross-cultural communication.

6 Page Essay: Developing the Topic

In determining the organization of the essay, size does not matter too much. Be it a small or a big essay, it should be structured according to a standard essay scheme. Your 6 page essay should also feature the standard plan of introduction-body-conclusion. The good news is that you can make introduction and conclusion more broad and develop more body paragraphs (view: how to write a five paragraph essay) since you need to discuss more detailed aspects of the topic on your 6 page essay.

4 Page Essay: How to Squeeze Big Meaning in Small Volume

Writing essays is part and parcel of student life. You have to write essays of various kinds and sizes almost every day. However, the demands of certain essay types or sizes may be unknown to you.

This might be the case with a 4 page essay. Despite its small size, a good 4 page essay should satisfy all the requirements of a standard essay. Therefore, to make sure double sure, consult our guide on writing a 4 page essay and make sure your 4 page essay is impeccable!

4 Page Essay: Choosing the Topic

When starting your 4 page essay, it is essential that you choose a topic that is neither too broad nor too narrow for the given essay size. If the general area of your interest is the Second World War, then there is no sense trying to squeeze the whole event in the humble size of a 4 page essay.

Rather, try singling out a specific issue you would like to consider in connection with the Second World War. For example, a 4 page essay should be enough for discussing a certain battle and its significance for the course of the war.

4 Page Essay: Developing the Topic

No matter how small the essay is, even a 4 page essay should be structured according to a standard essay scheme. Therefore, present the issue you consider and your thesis in the introduction which should not be much longer than 150-175 words. Next, write up to 6 body paragraphs that provide support for your thesis and discuss separate arguments joined by logical flow. Finally, conclude your 4 page essay with a summary of all the aforementioned and a general perspective on the discussed issue. 12HoursEssay is a custom essay writing service that can help you master 4 and 6 page essay writing.

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