marry a sex worker

I think this should be COULD you marry a sex worker rather than WOULD you.

My finance is a sex worker and just like any job there are inherent risks involve. These inherent risks coupled with the environment of their profession, which, let’s make clear is dictated by their clients who are mostly men, lead them to behavior in a particular manner that is not healthy (lots of drinking on the job and/or drug use). This and the stigma that is attached is very very important to keep in mind when exploring whether or not you COULD be with a sex worker.

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When we first got together things were hard, very hard. There was a lot of things that I had to overcome – the fact that being a stripper is just like any other job. You have to move beyond the stigma that is attached to the profession & if you can’t then you are definitely not equipped to date/marry one. Aside from moving past the stigma I think a lot of men who are not confident would immediately say “no” because, let’s get real…you have to be pretty confident that what you have to offer is fulfilling for her enough. Confidence is #2.

In regards to all of this “they’re emotional train wrecks” talk…not for nothing, you can find an emotional train wreck in any profession. Perhaps there needs to be a distinguish made between the appearance of being a train wreck and the fact of being a train wreck. Fact would be a clinically diagnosed mental faulty as compared to the appearance which, is not fully inherent in the individual but is induced by the environmental aspects of their line of work. Aside from my finance I’ve met many sex workers that are not “train wrecks.” Don’t get me wrong, there have been moments when my finance’s emotions were all over the place but really, can you blame them? All of you I’m sure would be more than willing to pay into the sex industry and objectify them but yet never see them as more than mere sex objects. If this is not something you can understand than you’re definitely not equipped to date/marry a sex worker.

Regarding STDs – well listen… if you’re that scared of catching any STDs then you should (1) be practicing safe sex at all times regardless of the person’s profession & (2) be proactive about opening the lines of communication between you and all of your partners. Your fear of catching an STD might just be a projection of your own lack of self sexual care and sexual education.

For the record: I never asked my finance to stop. Would you ask your wife who is a nurse to stop? Would you ask your husband who is a cop to stop? When she is ready, she will stop..until then, I support her 100%.

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