Czech Women

I hate to sound like a crasshole, but it isn’t 1972 anymore and I don’t think “Free To Be You And Me” worked for people even then.
Steve´s last [type] ..An American’s Guide To British News

Hehe, well I wasn’t alive in 1972, but I do think people just are who they are, it either works for each of us or it doesn’t, and ultimately, most people have the ability to “change” if they want to and if they feel it’s for the best. Definitely it is healthier for each individual (woman or man) to have an outlet for negative emotions (crying is probably the most effective and healthiest outlet!) but when and where and whether it’s okay (or whether we feel we have any control over it) is a personal matter. I do resent the times that men have taken my tears to mean they no longer have to take me seriously, and I resent having to struggle to hold them back in order to be taken seriously.
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